Superior Meats is a family owned company founded in 1994 by Mike DeMaria in Barrie, Ontario. We specialize in top quality artisan style traditional European dry cured meat products and imported cheeses .We are proud of the fact that our customers love and incorporate our delicious products into their family gatherings and they become part of their traditions and memories. Our amazing products give customers the vast opportunity to create their own signature dishes and unique sandwiches to enjoy with their friends and family.

What sets Superior Meats apart is our passion and commitment to giving our customers the best of the best in artisan meats, specialty hard to find cheeses and unique gifts.
Superior Meats does more than just sell salami. We carry on the DeMaria family tradition passed down from generation to generation started by Giuseppe (Joe) DeMaria in Siderno, Italy.

Preserving meat, especially that of the annually butchered pig has led to the creation of dry cured and smoked specialities like salami, mini pepperoni, bacon, hams and other specialty meats that Europeans have incorporate into their daily diet for hundreds of years. Our family works hard to keep these traditions alive and help you make it part of your modern family traditions.

Our mission is to provide you with specialty meats that are created by master artisans using traditional methods in modern facilities. My wife Krisztina and I aim to explore and utilize the rich gastronomic traditions used to preserve food prior to the days of refrigeration and freezers. It is in the spirit of this robust tradition that we strive to bring you delicious foods made from the best and freshest possible. Our mission is to provide you with specialty meats that are created slowly and are made from scratch. Our intention is to preserve old gastronomic traditions and to help you integrate it into your modern life.

Our attention to detail, responsiveness to current food trends and wide selection of artisan meats and cheeses has made us a one-stop supplier to both retail and wholesale customers.
We deliver what you need!

Every country in the world has its own salami recipe, thus giving a distinct character to salami produced in each country. Our regional specialities are made using choice cuts of meat and the best of spices. Master artisans use traditional European techniques to gracefully complement and not overwhelm the rich flavor the meat. Superior Meats products demonstrate the power of simple excellent ingredients to create intensely flavoured culinary excellence not found anywhere else.

Our Premium Artisan Cheeses are produced by the Greatest Cheese Makers in the World!
Sourced from the finest cheese makers all around the globe, we give our customers a full range of unique, one of a kind world class cheeses from Canada and around the World.

We hope you enjoy our delicious meats as much as our family does. Buon appetito!
Jó étvágyat! Enjoy your meal!

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