Storing Smoked and Dry Cured Meats

Superior Meats salami chubs are shelf stable and do not spoil without refrigeration. The trick is managing the humidity to keep it from drying out and avoiding temperature extremes that diminish quality.

Salami will last the longest if you store it at cool temperatures .Typically, the most practical place to store salami is in the refrigerator or at room temperature. Wrap the salami in a dry paper towel and wrapping it tightly in saran wrap or if you have a vacuum seal machine you can seal it. We do not recommend freezing the salamis because freezing draws out water and alters the protein fibers. Sometimes white salt might come out on the casing but it can be wiped off. Occasionally, if you place a younger salami (easily squeezable) in a plastic baggy moisture will release from the salami and condense around the casing. This causes some mess, but does not indicate spoilage. The solutions are to wipe off the salami with a paper towel

Superior Meats salamis and mini pepperoni are allowed to develop a natural flavour during the aging process. In addition, they continue to breath, developing their flavors throughout the entire process, never being peeled or vacuum-packed until you’re ready to eat them. The result is true, traditional artisan salami and the best possible cured meat flavor.

To remove the peel, cut off the tip, score the salami lengthwise along as much of the salami you plan to eat, and the peel off that portion of the peel by getting your knife under the scored edge and slowly pulling it off. It often takes several tries, particularly when the peel is dry and brittle..

Like with all meat, a sharp, straight edge knife is very important. Very important to rules with slicing and serving cured and smoked meats. First let the salami sit at room temperature for a while to bring the salami to its peak flavour and make slicing easier. Second, as a general rule dry salami, prosciutto and smoked meats like speck should be cut thin. Depending on the shape you want for your salami slice you can slice a regular cross-section, on the bias for a large slice, or even lengthwise for a long thin slice.
Salami can be enjoyed on its own or with a whole variety of pairings including bread, crackers, cheese, fresh fruits, nuts, olives and many more things.
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Best way to cut cheese is to warm you knife under hot water, dry it and then cut your cheese. It will cut like butter.

Store cheese in a vacuum-sealed bag or wrap it in wax paper or paper towel and then wrap it saran wrap.

Sometimes little white coloured fuzzy spots appear on the cheese. This is the beginning of mould .Hard, firm and semi-soft cheese can still be eaten as long as you cut away the mould effected area. Remove a good amount, at least 1-2 cm around the mouldy part and throw it away. Rewrap the cheese and put in the fridge.

In general freezing cheese is not recommended. Texture and flavor are altered during the freezing process. Cheese that has been frozen can still be used for cooking with little or no flavor change.
To bring out the full flavour of cheese remove the cheese from the refrigerator a short while before serving. If you prepare the plater beforehand cover it with saran wrap to prevent the cheese from drying out or absorbing other aromas.