Genoa Whole Hot



Genoa Salami is one of the best-known Italian salamis. This dry-cured sausage has a mild yet full aroma, complemented by delicious spices. Seasoned with Paprika and Chili peppers it has a savory, rich and bold in taste. Perfect for antipasto or your signature sandwich. Superior Meats Genoa Salami is made with only the best grades of choice lean Canadian pork, enhanced with a unique blend of seasonings. This delightfully robust salami is carefully prepared and slowly aged to achieve a traditional old-country flavor and aroma. Its timeless recipe cuts no corners in its homage to fine Italian tradition. Gluten Free, MSG Free, No Fillers. No refrigeration required. Due to the nature of the product there might be a slight variation in weight.


Suggested Wine:

Suggested Cheese:
Portuguese farmers cheese, Roasted bell pepper and garlic cheese


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Weight 2 kg

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