Prosciutto Whole Leg




Prosciutto – probably from the Latin perexuctus, meaning dried – is among the most renowned and best loved foods from Italy. Prosciutto is the product of a lengthy drying process. The carefully selected ham is hand trimmed, vigourously rubbed and salted daily until the silt has penetrated right through to the center of the meat. After the preparation process, it is air dried to achieve an even cure.

Our Superior Meats Prosciutto leg is tender, with a concentrated taste where sweet is complemented by a slight salty undertone. Our Prosciutto has the perfect balance of meat and fat.

Protein rich with an abundance of vitamins and trace elements. It is Gluten Free with No Fillers and No MSG. Due to the nature of the product, there might be a slight weight variation. Eat it accompanied by either melon or figs and with good bread. It can also be part of a main course.

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Weight 5 kg

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