Italian Grana Padano, Imported from Italy



Grana Padano was first created by Cistercian monks approximately 1,000 years ago as a way for dairy farmers of northern Italy’s Po Valley to preserve excess milk from their herds. By the 15th century, Grana Padano was one of the most popular cheeses from Italy, and today continues to be Italy’s best-selling cheese worldwide. “Grana” comes from Latin for “grainy”, as this cheese does have a grainy texture. Padano translates to “of the Po River”.

Grana Padano is a pale yellow cheese with an intensely sweet flavour and a granular texture. The unique grainy texture of Grana Padano derives from the presence of protein crystals formed during maturration. As Grana Padano ages, its flavour becomes more intense, savory and complexe and its texture becomes more crumbly. Gluten Free. Keep refrigerated.


Weight: 300g

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